Women in Business at Tuck

Our Mission

Tuck Women in Business (WIB) exists to create community, share resources, and build skills to help all women become successful business leaders.

The Tuck community extends beyond just the student body to include prospective students, alumnae, staff, and faculty. Tuck WIB aims to create an environment where all women at all stages of their Tuck journey can build meaningful relationships. In the fall, we host the Women in Business Conference (WIBCo) for prospective students; in the spring, we host the annual Women’s Symposium where Tuck alumnae have the opportunity to return to campus and share their experiences with current students. In addition to these flagship events, WIB and our partner Men as Allies group host many events and workshops throughout the school year focused on both building a social community for Tuck women and educating all Tuckies on issues that disproportionately impact women in professional settings.

Our Vision

We strive to create an equitable experience for all Tuckies and create an environment where women at Tuck can thrive. We want Tuck women to be known for their unparalleled leadership, Tuck men to be known for their actionable allyship, and to support each other in developing those qualities.

Our Values

We value empathy, awareness, education, and progress.

We believe Tuck is absolutely the best MBA program for women. If you have any questions about Tuck WIB or our experience at Tuck, please feel free to reach out to us via email or connect with specific WIB Board, Men as Allies, and Forté Liaisons.